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Spring and Summer clothes 2019

Daisy and Dan will be accepting Spring/Summer clothes, Equipment, Toys, Books etc on

Friday February 8th – Monday 25th February

Friday March 8th – Monday 18th March

Friday 29th March – Monday 1st April

Nothing will be accepted after 1st April

Please READ thoroughly all the Dos and Don’ts:

The following are our conditions for accepting items. Please take the time to prepare all items before bringing them

Sorry, nothing will be accepted on Thursdays or after 1pm on Saturdays!

All clothes must be in very good condition, washed, ironed, fastened and recent, otherwise they will not be accepted. All buttons, zips and poppers must be fastened. Please keep all clothes after ironing as flat as possible.

All toys must be in very good condition, clean, complete and where required to contain batteries to prove full working order, any loose pieces to be tied in a clear bag to the main toy.

Please do not bring a box/bag of toys etc which contains numerous pieces, which are not sorted into sets, as we do not have the time to sort & price them.

Books must be in very good condition, clean and with no scribbles & names.

Puzzles must be complete and in very good condition. Please check all puzzles, games etc for correct pieces.

Please check Dvd’s for scratches and finger marks!

Any item where there is a box and instructions, please keep them together.

Please include instructions, if you have them.

If any items are NOT up to date, they will NOT be accepted.

No name tapes and no loft clearance will be accepted.

We CANNOT accept anything electrical or car seats.